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Starting from a love of Indonesian coffee, Coffee Caldera was created for those who love the taste of a delicious and exotic Indonesian coffee with good quality.

Caldera Coffee processed coffee beans choice of mountains in Indonesia with high intensity rainfall. Mountains in Indonesia have long been known as a mountain volcano that has high fertility. Sumatra, Java and Sulawesi have been known as the coffee-producing islands of good quality. From a reliable resource that Caldera Coffee originated.

Caldera Coffee deeply understands your need for quality coffee, that's why we bring quality coffee to taste the best.


Caldera Coffee has a vision and a mission to make-coffee Indonesia hosts in their own country and can also be enjoyed by coffee lovers around the world. We wholeheartedly present Indonesian coffee with the best quality of coffee varieties Wild Luwak & Arabica .


Arabica coffee flavor that is rich in flavor and odor, we present in a variety of products. We also present the exotic Wild Luwak product. The processing of coffee beans selection using a machine that is reliable and quality to our commitment and valuable customer loyalty. Customer confidence that high quality coffee is our goal.


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